1 Introduction

windows exercise

what is knowledge

all models are wrong; some are useful

intelligent agents

biological intelligence

artificial intelligence

information processing systems

a camera as an analogy for translating the world into a knowledge representation.

  • takes some aspect of the world (e.g. visual appearance) and puts it into formal symbols (e.g. RGB pixels)
  • agnostic as to what content of the world is captured
  • only captures a very VERY shallow view of the actual thing in the world
  • missing part of analogy: that is the KR piece. what is the reasoning piece? reasoning over formal structures. detecting cats? (but do not conflate this analogy with the specifics of object recognition!)
  • humans built the camera! and then humans carry it around and push the button
  • humans looking at a picture of a cat will know that it represents an actual cat, which is a warm, furry, haughty thing that meows and likes to eat fish show an example of some obscure signal. what the heck does it mean?

what is the difference between an equation and an algorithm?

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